CoursEval comes equipped with several import templates that can be used to populate and update data.

The templates are available here (see below) and on each import screen. The Data Dictionary is also available on each import screen.

When developing your import files take care to ensure the column headers match the templates. This will save you time when manually importing files since CoursEval will match the columns to the known column names. This will also set you up for future automation.

Core Imports

  • Student - adds/updates student records
  • Faculty - adds/updates faculty records
  • Course - adds courses to the system each period/term
  • Enrollment-Student - ties the students to the courses for the period/term
  • Enrollment-Faculty - ties faculty to the courses 
    Note: this file is needed if the course import does not include a faculty username, email address, or ID column...or if there are team-taught courses

Hierarchical Imports

  • College
  • Division
  • Department
  • Department Administrators - Assign or remove course and faculty department administrators

Rotation Imports

  • Blocks
  • Sites
  • Course Blocks
  • Course Sites

Advanced Imports

  • Course Survey Availability - force the date and time of survey open and close per course
  • Report Availability - set survey report availability by course
  • Student Engagement Incentives - similar to enrollment, but attach incentives to reveal post-survey submission. e.g. grades 

Templates & Samples

Templates & Samples (ZIP)

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