This article is an overview of the Survey Intelligence (SI) Reports main features. A wizard is used to help build and configure the report.  

The Main features of the SI report include:

  • Many filterable items including survey type, survey focus, assessment period, course, faculty, and department, just to name a few
  • Variable OR filters (eg. course 1 or course2 or course3) on data items
  • Automatic survey selection for surveys utilizing comparative report questions, set in the Detailed Settings or Question Manager
  • Includes a count for the number of questions available for each survey
  • Enhanced question selection including question codes (if used)
    • Select from people or course based questions
    • Displays the scale and number of surveys with a hover over for scale details and surveys utilizing a specific question
  • Variable aggregation levels - Users can elect to group and sort by up to 8 data items
  • Report configuration includes turning on and off just about all parts of the report. The only part that is enforced is the aggregation levels
  • Configurable items include:
    • School logo
    • Custom Title
    • Expected/received
    • Questions
    • Overall score
    • Overall Graph
    • Overall Score Scale
    • Compare Overall Score - weighted or average
    • Mean or Group Median
    • Question Response Count 
    • Variation Statistic - None, Std Error, Std Dev, or Variance
    • Frequency Distribution
    • Median
    • Group Questions By - Question, Category, or Sub-category
    • Order Questions Alphabetically or Question Manager Order

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