Institutions that are using CoursEval can customize the messages, the menu options, and the logo that users see in the MyCoursEval portal.  Here is a list of what can be customized and where/how to do it.


  • Go to the Set Up Menu - Customize.
  • Enter the institution name.
  • In the Page Header Logo section browse and find/select the file.
  • Click 'Test' to see how it looks.
  • Check when logo is ready for use.

NOTE: The image will shrink proportionally if it is too big.

  • Enable CSRF protection, if needed.

NOTE: Please go to the link that is on the option in CoursEval before enabling this feature to read more about it.

  • Set the Statistic Calculations Schedule.  This sets the statistic calculation frequency and provides control over how often report statistics are calculated as responses are coming in to CoursEval.

NOTE: During heavy survey cycles, set the times to off-peak times to catch up on report statistics.  It is recommended to set this calculation to 11 PM, to catch up for the day and 4 AM to pick up any submissions that occur overnight.

User Authentication

  • Go to the Set Up Menu - User Authentication.
  • Click on MyCoursEval Portal in the list.
  • Customize the External Authentication login issues message, if external authentication is being used.

NOTE: If internal authentication is being used, enter the log in message in the Survey Site Set Up.

  • Save

MyCE Portal Menu

  • Go to the Set Up Menu - MyCE Portal Menu.
  • Select the menu items to show to faculty or students
  • Save

Survey Site Set Up

Please click here for more information.