CoursEval Manager super users have the option to publish reports. This powerful feature creates a snapshot of the report and saves it on the CoursEval server. Access to published reports is fast because the data doesn’t change.

Managers can publish to:

  • Personal – only the creator can view the report in the list or email links to anyone.
  • MyCoursEval Portal – All users who login to CoursEval can view the report from the Reports icon menu. Only one can exist at a time so plan it carefully! Also, the MyCoursEval Portal menu must have the Published Results option checked to make this available.
  • Public – the link will have a consistent name so it is suitable for sharing on your school portal. Need to update, just publish it again! Only one can exist at a time so plan accordingly.

The Published Reports List, located in the Reports Menu, houses all published reports.  Managers may view a report, email a report link, or extend the deadline of the published report. The icons and filters indicate the audience the published report is shared with.

Published reports are available until the expiration date. Once the date passes, the report is removed from CoursEval. If the report expires just open the original design and publish it again.

Video - Survey Intelligence Report - Publishing Reports

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