In the beginning, there was only the Detailed Report. CoursEval has come a long way...

  • The Detailed Report is now called the Individual Report
  • The Evaluation Report does everything the Individual Report can do plus much. much more!

What are the differences between the Individual Report (IR) and the Evaluation Report (ER)?
  • The IR is not customizable whereas the ER allows for the selection of statistics, comparative options, etc
  • The ER can report all evaluated individuals together in comparative view.
  • The ER can produce a separate report for the course and each instructor.
  • The IR produces a separate report for the course and each instructor, but each must be selected. 
  • The IR produces a course report for rotation surveys with all blocks and sites grouped.
  • The IR produces a site report for rotation surveys.
  • The ER can group selected rotation surveys together at many levels