Want to enable Department Administrators to create and select questions? That’s right! Administrators can be assigned by department to manage questions for their departments!...or you as the CoursEval Manager can manage it as well!

1. Approved Response Sets


Response sets can be tricky to manage so we’ve kept that feature in the hands of the CoursEval Manager. Simply mark the response sets as “Approved” and your Department Administrators can choose from this approved list when creating questions.

  • New filter in the Response Set list on Approved
  • Approved indicator shows in the list
  • Select Approved in the detail screen

Note: Approved response sets can also be used in the general Question Manager. The list of approved response sets will likely consist of your standard likert scale, an open ended comment with a character limit, and basic responses like Yes/No.

2. Decide who will Manage and Select Questions


Questions for each department can be managed (created and maintained) by:

  • CoursEval Managers
  • Designated Department Administrators or their proxies


If CoursEval Managers are managing Department Questions, designated Department Administrators or their proxies can be set up to select up to a specified number of questions for each department.


3. Specify Maximum Questions


Set the maximum number of questions that can be selected for a given department in Survey Site Setup. This feature is similar to Faculty Added Questions.

  • CoursEval Managers can select an unlimited number of questions
  • Department Administrators are limited to the number of questions that can be selected.


4. Set Rights to Manage or Select Departmental Questions


Rights to questions can be managed:
  • Via the Department Administrator Import

  • or Manually via Department Management



5. Department Question for CoursEval Manager

Department Questions are accessible from the Survey Menu, Survey Administrations menu under Components:


Key differences from the general Question Manager:

  • Departments are tied to categories
  • Department Filter at the top of the list
  • Department name and short name type in filters
  • The Department selected for a category shows in the category band
  • There is only one catalog, so there is no catalog filter or link to create new catalogs
  • The checked questions will be added to surveys when the CoursEval Manager selects the Action drop-down menu-> and selects Update Department Questions from the Detailed Settings page

  • Response sets are limited to the approved list

6. Department Questions for Department Administrators


Department Questions are accessible from the Surveys menu, Department Questions

The Question Manager is identical to what the CoursEval manager will see with 2 differences:

  • When adding a category, only departments where the user has been granted “Manage Questions” rights are available for selection
  • The number of questions that are select-able in the list are limited to the number setup in Survey Site Setup 


7. Adding Questions to Surveys - A CoursEval Manager Step


Select Update Department Questions under the new Action menu in Survey/Detailed Settings. This option will only be available for pending surveys (status: No Status). 

To see the questions that are added to the survey, the CoursEval Manager can click on the Custom Questions Selected and look for the added department questions.


When selected, Departments for the courses on the survey are checked against the department question manager. Any selected questions that are found are added to the survey. If the category already exists on the survey the questions are synchronized from the question manager. This means the selected/deselected questions in the manager will be reflected exactly on the survey.


Departmental question categories can be found under Survey/Display Options. The categories will look like other categories that have had a department filter set, but the department will be displayed in the category band.


8. Question Burden

Questions are broken out for Core, Department Questions, Custom (Course-based), and Faculty Selected Questions.


9. Survey Preview

The department question indicator shows next to the question during survey preview.

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