Looking to create a survey? If so, you have found the correct place. This article will provide you with a quick overview of the different types of surveys that are available in CoursEval. Also, you will see links to articles that cover the key steps on how to create a survey.

Types of surveys:

  • Standard - The Standard survey is the main type of survey in the CoursEval system. Most institutions will use this to create course evaluation surveys. 
  • Rotation - The Rotation survey is designed for professional schools where students go off campus to various site locations at different times (blocks). The Rotation survey allows the student to evaluate, or be evaluated, at the various sites throughout the course. 
  • General - The General survey is a non-course based survey. For this type of survey you just add people, not courses. Also, it is used for survey needs beyond course evaluations. Examples: campus safety survey, graduate survey, parking survey... 

Steps include:

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