Please see the article on Rotation Imports to learn how to get the rotation information into CoursEval before you get started.

Creating a rotation survey follows the same steps as a standard survey with a few extra steps. The list below outlines the added steps in a rotation survey:

  • When adding the survey to the system, either by creating it from scratch or creating it from a template, click the 'rotation auto check' option
  • Go to the select blocks icon, on the Survey Administrations page, to set the correct dates for the blocks, if they are not already there
  • Deselect the blocks/sites within the courses that are not active for the course/block combination
  • Click on the survey name and set up the assessee participant grouping - this tells CoursEval how the participants are assigned to the blocks/sites (if self selection is being allowed or not)
  •  Go to the detailed settings of the survey and click on the selected participants to assign the student to the correct course/block/site (if self selection is not being allowed) – repeat this step for all course/block/sites
  • To set up the Survey Automation (open and close) enter the very first day/time of the first block in the auto open date and the last day/time of the last block in the auto close date
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