The results feedback feature in CoursEval can be helpful to open the lines of communication between department administrators and faculty. The faculty member can submit comments regarding their course, and in return, receive comments from their department administrator.

When faculty open the Evaluation Report in Individual View, feedback questions will be listed below the summary of results for each individual. Once the faculty responds to the questions, they are saved to the report and can be reviewed at any time. 

Administrators can also review the responses and add comments for each faculty member at any time. Note that if there is a team taught course the Administrator can respond to each individual.


  • The Survey must have at least one people-based question
  • The Survey Results Access settings for feedback must be checked
  • The user viewing the report must have feedback turned on for their role on the survey  
  • Feedback questions must exist on the survey for the role the individual is assigned on the survey
  • The Evaluation Report must be set to Individual View. The feedback only shows on report pages for specific individuals
  • The Evaluation Report option to show feedback on the report must be checked
  • There must be at least one response for an individual to generate the report about them

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