Looking to use the Director Report? The Director Report provides Department Administrators with an overview report of results for participants. This report can be used for an overall assessment of results by a third party because it allows results to be reviewed and commented on by another person, mainly Department Administrators. This report and review can be used for grading, reviewing self assessments, reviewing peer assessments, and wherever a "second opinion" about performance is needed.

Note: A survey must be non-anonymous to create this report.
Note: This report is available on the Manager Level of CoursEval and on the Faculty/Student Portal for participants with Department Administrator access.


The Edit Report view gives the reviewer the ability to scan results about an assessed individual.  If the reviewer disagrees with the results posted, he/she can override the answers given and save the changes to the report.  Once the reviewer has overridden the report, the icon will turn green.

To Edit the Report:

  • Click the Edit Report icon for the correct Assessed Individual.

  • The report will open.
  • To view the results, click Expand All Response Data. The response data that has been collected for the question will appear below the question.

  • Review the results.
  • To finalize the report, the reviewer can (if the questions are activated) assign a final grade and electronic signature. If another director edits the information the system will show the last person who edited and save each question.  This feature enables updates by multiple people with an accurate display of who the last editor was.
  • If the director agrees with the results or changes the results, click Save Changes and the report will be updated to reflect the director’s changes.

Submitting a Director Report
Once the director has reviewed the report, the report can be marked as complete. The director would check the completed box at the bottom of the report and click Save Changes. When the report is marked as complete, the icon in the list view will turn blue, indicating that the final review of the report by a third party is complete.

Review the Report
The View Report option creates a printable view of the final report.