Do you want to give faculty the ability to add questions, in addition to the core survey questions? If so, this article will help you set up Questions for Faculty Selection. Ultimate control over questions asked on each survey resides with the CoursEval Manager.

In the Question Manager:

  1. Add the question set to the Question Manager.
  2. Add New Question Category.
  3. Questions must be an Overall type category if they are to be seen by faculty.
  4. Select the Faculty Questions option "Questions in this category are reserved for selection by Faculty."

In the Survey Site Set Up/MyCoursEval Portal Option:

  1. Choose the maximum number of questions faculty can add for each course.
    • This is database specific! Each database can choose a different number of questions as needed.
  2. To turn off the ability for faculty to add questions- enter a ‘0’.
  3. Additional questions may be requested by checking the box under the Faculty Options.
  4. Custom request instructions can be added to direct the faculty on what the manger needs them to submit.
  5. After the question is requested, the manager receives an email with the question and it will be their responsibility to add the question into the Question Manager.

Note: Responsible Faculty & Course Administrators are the only roles allowed to add or request Faculty Added questions.

Survey Results Access MUST be setup for the Responsible Faculty and/or Course Administrator roles in order for questions to be added to courses.

Helpful Facts:

  • What questions are chosen? Go to Survey Administrations - Detailed Settings - Custom Questions.
  • Questions can be added or removed by the manager at anytime.
  • The number of questions faculty can choose does not apply to the manager.
  • Faculty can choose the questions for each individual course they teach.
  • Faculty also have the ability to preview the survey at any time while the survey is pending (no status) or active.
  • Questions can be added up until the first responses is received on an active survey.
  • The ability to add questions can be removed at any time.

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