Do you want to drive up response rates? If so, the CoursEval student engagement features provide a means to entice students to take surveys through instructor feedback and data item incentives. You can use one or all three of the feature options listed below. 

1. Survey Incentive Feature

The Incentive Feature and Incentive Report were added to CoursEval to allow the CoursEval Manager to create an opt in raffle for those participating in a survey.  The Incentive Report allows the CoursEval Manager to see a list of students who opt in for the raffle by date (for daily prizes) and overall.

The information for the incentive feature content can be turned on or edited by clicking on the survey name and scrolling to the bottom of the survey form.

The Winner Selection feature picks a random student from the pool as a prize winner. 

  • Set the drop down menus to the correct year, term, survey, and date.
  • Click 'Select a Winner.'
  • The system will randomly select a winner from the list and create a report.  If the chosen winner has won previously, the manager can simply draw again.

2. Student Experience Feature

Everyone likes to get presents… In CoursEval, the present icon means there is a surprise waiting for a student after survey completion. The options for Engagement Incentives can include:

  • A class message from the instructor. For example, “Your feedback is important to me. I use your evaluations to improve the course and my overall teaching style”
  • Personalized feedback from the instructor to each student
  • Any number of data items that can be attached to student enrollment data and imported into CoursEval. For Example:
    • Final grades
    • Bookstore coupon
    • Unlock codes

The envelope icon will show up when there are incentives for a course. The student can click the icon before taking the evaluation to see what the incentives will be once the evaluation is submitted. 

Once a survey is submitted and is affiliated with an incentive, the incentives will show immediately. Incentives from past surveys are always available via the completed survey list. Students can simply click the present to reveal the incentives.

3. Instructor Experience Feature

Faculty members wanting to use engagement incentives can locate the feature under the Surveys Menu - My Course Surveys on the MyCoursEval Portal if it is enabled on the surveys.

Instructors have two options for participation and may choose to do one or both:

  • Enter a message that can be viewed before the survey is taken. This can be anything from encouragement to an explanation of what will be revealed post-survey.
  • Enter a personalized incentive for each student.

These features allow the instructor to use their creativity to not only entice students to complete their surveys, but also as a means to be to provide closure to the course by allowing faculty to comment on individual performance or provide information such as a final project grade.

VIDEO - Survey Incentive Feature