Authentication Information

Our server administrators will take care of the hard parts. These are the steps you must take:

  • Contact support to request the setup and kick off the process
  • Receive our test page URL, login via your SAML login page, send us the results
  • Your Identity Provider administrator may need to work with us to ensure the username is coming over
  • Decide on the best date to enable Shibboleth. It is a simple case of flipping a switch.

Hosting CoursEval on your own server? Read on...

CoursEval comes equipped with a solution for authentication against SAML Identity Providers. SAML is the generic term while Shibboleth and ADFS (Active Directory Federated Services) are examples of SAML implementations.

The CoursEval federated authentication solution utilizes the Shibboleth Service Provider (SP). It is relatively easy to download and install the open source Shibboleth Service Provider. The Shibboleth SP runs on all versions of Windows Server. The configuration of the SP should be left to an experienced server administrator. The configuration for CoursEval is done on the server (a simple XML file).

Download the installation guide to get started.

The thorough instructions in the installation guide walk you through setting up the SP, testing the protected folder, and finally, configuring CoursEval. 


  • For a 32-bit installation on a 64-bit architecture, install the 64-bit MSI but specify 32-bit defaults.
  • Shibboleth Service Provider downloads are most likely found here 

CoursEval Configuration Files

Shibboleth Authentication Configuration Files (ZIP)