The purpose of this document is to guide faculty users through the process of creating Survey Intelligence Report Reports. SI reports are created using a 7-step set-up that allows for various filtering, aggregating, ordering, layout/display options, and saving/publishing features. It is recommended that users have a clear goal in mind when designing reports so they can enjoy the feature’s full potential.

  • Create or Select a Design
  • Set the filters
  • Select the surveys
  • Choose the questions
  • Setup data aggregations
  • Design the layout
  • Save the design
  • View the report, save to PDF, or export the data to Excel 


  • Choose from survey attributes (period, type, focus), course attributes (number, type, year, department), people attributes (username, last name, roles), and/or rotation attributes (blocks and sites/groups).
  • Not sure? Just set the close date and move on.
  • Use the free-text search features to look for things… the search needs two (2) characters. Use the Add button to look for more than one item at the same time!


  • Choose the surveys to include in the report
  • Not sure which surveys are which?
  • Use the option to check them all!


  • This part is easy! Select the questions needed in the report.
  • If duplicate questions show in the list, choose them all.  CoursEval will combine “duplicate” looking questions on the final report so they all show in one neat column.


  • Use the mover to select the items to appear in the report. The order on the right is the order items will be sorted on the report.
  • NOTE - If you don't have access to people based questions the Evaluated Individual aggregation will not work for you.

Report Options a.k.a. Report Layout

  • Set the report, select the sections to appear, choose the options.
  • Do the questions have many scales? Should the data be combined into a single score? If yes, choose the overall score scale to level the scores.
  • Try all of the options to get the report that is needed.


  • Run the report or export to Excel.
  • Reports can be run before saving the design... Saving the design is optional! In fact, if no changes were made to an existing design there is no need to save at all.


  • Save personal designs or save someone else’s design as your own.  Just enter the name you would like and save your design for later.

Video - Survey Intelligence Report - Faculty

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