Looking for a way to add a new manager user or edit an existing one? If so, this article will help you with this task.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Log in to CoursEval as a Super User manager
  • Click the Setup menu
  • Under Admin, click CE Manager Users
  • To edit an existing manager, set the 'Super User' filter and click the manager who you want to edit
  • To add a new manager, click Add New on the bottom left or top right and fill in the following:
    • username - this can be anything
    • password - this can be anything, but the manager user will be forced to create a new password when they log in
    • email address
    • first name, last name
    • set "impersonate Level', typically set as 'Read Only'
    • check the box to 'Show Support Links', unless you do not want them to access the support portal
    • set 'Security Settings' level 
    • you will then need to let the new manager know the Manager Portal URL, username, and password
      For security, please also tell them to change their password once they log in, by going to the Help menu->Change Password

Adding a New Manager User in CoursEval