Release reports when they should be released! There’s no need to wait for others to release results for an entire survey.  Now managers can release survey reports by course—making everyone happy—and perhaps encouraging instructors to get their grades in on time.  You can even import your release dates to make it easier!

Summary of Steps:

  • Go to the survey and click the 'Results Access' page 
  • Make sure the option is selected for 'Allow no access to survey results' (if it is not selected you will need to select it, click Save, and then click on the Results Access page again)
  • Set the 'Allow Access on' date/time. The date/time will need to be set for a date prior to the first course report availability
  • Enable the option 'Enable custom release dates' under 'Results Access' of the survey
  • Import the course release dates using the 'Survey Report Availability' import (or you can manually updated the courses under the Detailed Settings of the survey)
  • The reports will then open to faculty based on the date set on the Detailed Settings of the survey under the 'Custom Stat/End/Release' column

NOTE: If using this feature all courses must have a release date or the reports will never release for the courses without a date!