Looking to add specific question sets to a course? CoursEval provides a way to manage questions by course number. 
Note: a great way to add Learning Objectives to your evaluations...

Key differences from the general Question Manager:
  • Course Numbers are tied to categories
  • Course Number type-in filter
  • The Course Number selected for a category shows in the category band
  • There is only one catalog, so there is no catalog filter or link to create new catalogs
  • The checked questions will be added to surveys when the CoursEval Manager selects the action Update Course Default Questions from Survey/Detailed Settings

Add Question by Course Number
 - Go to the Survey Menu > Course Questions

 - On the top-right or bottom-left, click 'Add Question Categories'

- In the 'Course Number' section type in the course number exactly how it appears in your data
- In the 'Category Title' section type in the category name. It is best to start with the course number so you can easily find it
- Add Instructions, if you would like
- Click 'Add'

- Add Sub-Category/s

- Add Question/s

- Check box/es to allow questions to be added to a survey

- Click 'Save Selection'

Add Questions to a Survey

- Go to Survey Administrations

- Create or find the Survey

- Click 'Detailed Settings'

- Click the 'Action' drop-down menu

- Select 'Update Course Default Questions' 

Question Burden

Question by Course Number are included in the Custom Questions count

Survey Preview

- Custom question indicator shows next to the question during survey preview just like other custom course questions

Don't Forget!...You can Import Questions

- The Question Manager Import function can be used for Questions by Course Number as well

- This feature enables adding many questions with the same response set at once. If you are attempting to capture learning outcomes for a particular course the outcomes can be copy/pasted into the Import edit box

Video - Adding Questions By Course Number