Who is being assessed?

  • If a survey only has overall/course based questions the Responsible Faculty will have access to the data.
  • If a survey only has people/instructor based questions only those who have been checked in Detail Settings/ Question Category Settings will have access to the data.
  • When the survey has many instructors checked in the Question Category Settings and a faculty member was never selected to be evaluated, they will have no results and get the error.  

Why does a survey show in their list?

A report shows up for the faculty member on the Evaluation Report in the Individual (Faculty) view because when CoursEval checks for inclusion in the list it is based on whether or not results were received for the survey as a whole, not based on individual faculty. So, if any results are received for the survey, they show up in the faculty reports, if the faculty’s role on the survey has been granted access to the results.

Why does a survey show in their list if they don’t have access?

The survey shows in the faculty member’s list because he/she has some level of access (see above). The determination to display overall and multiple questions/answers for comments and numeric results is determined inside of each survey due to the complexity of the scenarios that can be constructed in a CoursEval survey.

What does the message mean? It says they don’t have security access?

This can be complex:

  • If results were received for other people and not you, you do not have access.
  • If results for overall questions were answered and you do not have access to the overall questions you will not see anything on the survey.
  • The faculty was included on the survey but is assigned a role that only allows them to see their own results even though results were received for other people.