1. Identify the Department Chairs who will be assessed, as well as the Faculty who will be taking the surveys.
  2. Create a course for this type of survey. 
    • The Faculty should be added as the Responsible Faculty member and the Department Chairs being assessed should be added as Participating Faculty.
  3. You must add at least one student to the course. The name will not be seen on the survey or results and the student will not be able to access the survey in any way. All courses in CoursEval must have at least one student in order to be added to a survey.
  4. Add the questions to the Question Manager, as people based, if more than one person is being assessed OR overall, if one person is being assessed.
  5. On the Survey Administrations screen add a new rotation survey, if more than one person is being assessed OR a standard survey, if one person is being assessed. Choose Faculty will assess other Faculty in the Assessment Focus drop down.
  6. Create the survey normally.
  7. Click on the survey name. Check that the survey is in the period that you created your course. Choose the option for I will specify exactly who each participant worked with during the evaluation period at the bottom of the survey name screen. This will allow you to choose who will be assessed as well as the people taking the evaluation about them.
  8. If you did not add a block/teaching site to the course, the system will assign the course to the systems default.
    • Remember to create the block of time that this survey will be available under select blocks.
  9. Click on the Selected Participants (e.g. 4/4) to make sure that all Department Chairs and Faculty are listed.
  10. Save
  11. Click on Detailed Settings. There will be an icon for Assessee- Participant groups. This area will allow you to assign the Faculty to each Department Chair in the course. Click on the drop down menu to change Department Chair. Make sure to assign each Department Chair in the drop down to the Faculty below and click Save.
  12. The survey is now set up. Activate the survey when you are finished checking your work.
  13. Set up Group E-mails just like any other survey.
  14. In order for the Department Chair to be able to view the report for the survey that their Faculty completed about them, the results access settings need to be set up so Responsible Faculty cannot see any data for their courses, and Assessed Individuals (in this case this is the Department Chair) can see their own graphic numeric results. This will prevent the Department Chair from viewing the results of any other Department Chair‘s assigned to the survey.