1. Go to Group E-mail Manager - Add New
  2. Choose Message to people not associated with a survey and select the message from the Select Email Template drop down.
  3. Choose a filter for the group of people that the e-mail should go to. 
  4. Select any optional filters.
  5. If you want to send the e-mail to just a handful of people, enter the e-mail addresses into the E-mail Address Filter at the bottom. 
    • NOTE: The e-mail addresses must exist in CoursEval in order for the e-mail to send. 
  6. Click Next Step when finished.
  7. Verify the participants at the top of the next step.
  8. Edit the message as needed. 
    • NOTE: E-mail templates that use merge fields that include course information cannot be used in this type of e-mail. 
  9. Click Next Step when finished.
  10. Send the message by scheduling, saving for later, or sending now.