CoursEval understands that each school has their own set of business rules for the data that administrators and faculty can see on a report. To assist in applying these business rules, managers can choose the order of the viewing rights, assigning which role will take precedence. This will happen in situations when a faculty member is assigned to multiple roles on a course that is assigned to a survey that has different access levels set up for each role. 

For example, in situations where a Department Administrator is also teaching a course in their department, which role takes precedence? Schools can now choose the preferred order for the role that will have their Results Access settings show on reports for a course.

To set the order just drag the roles to the desired order needed and save.

Click force calculation anytime a change is made to reset the survey access to reports for faculty and chairs. To check the last time an update has been run, go to the Survey Access Report and look at the date and time of the last update.

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