Looking to add questions for surveys in CoursEval? If so, this article will introduce you to the Question Manager in CoursEval. The Question Manager is a storage area for all the questions used on surveys. It can be found in the Survey Menu > Components > Question Manager.

Question Manager Hierarchy Components:

  1. Catalog(s)
  2. Categories 
  3. Sub-Categories 
  4. Questions

Organizing Your Question Manager

The Question Manager in CoursEval is a key component to survey creation. Keeping it clean and organized will help you a lot as you create surveys. Once your questions are in the system you are able to easily use them on future surveys. Here are a few ways to help to keep your Question Manager clean:

  • Set up Catalogs that describe the questions that they contain, for example 'Faculty Peer Questions', 'Course Evaluation Questions', 'Self-Assessment Questions', etc.
  • Move questions into catalogs, categories, and sub-categories that are meaningful to all managers and end users, like chairs and faculty
  • Archive questions that are no longer used

There are four easy steps for adding questions in to CoursEval:

Video - Question Manager Overview

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