Are you looking to set up a general-course survey? The General survey is a non-course based survey. For this type of survey you just add people, not courses. Also, it is used for survey needs beyond course evaluations. Examples: campus safety survey, graduate survey, parking survey...

Setting up a General non-course survey is similar to a Standard course survey, but here are a few items that are different:

  • All questions categories must be set as 'Overall' for the 'Category Focus'
  • People are added to the survey using the select participants icons, there are no courses on the survey
  • Verify the selected participants in the 'Detailed Settings' of the survey by clicking in the number (e.g. 10/10) and saving
  • Always preview the survey

Note: If your general survey has more than 500 participants we recommend setting it up using this article for Large General Survey as a Standard Survey

Video - How to Setup a General Non-Course Survey

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