Feedback can be added to any survey/report by first setting up the questions under Survey - Components - Feedback Questions.

  1. Select Add New at the bottom of the page.
  2. Decide who the question(s) will be directed to. For the Director Report this person should be either the Responsible Faculty or Course Administrator.
  3. Enter the Question.
  4. Select the Answer Type. 
    • Long answer responses are comments. 
      • Long answer feedback questions that are answered on the Evaluation Report can be used to seed the top comment area on the Director Report.
    • Short answer responses are used for things like an electronic signature.
    • Pick list responses are used to select an option from a predefined list. 
      • If pick list is chosen, enter the options with a semicolon between each choice.
    • Note for Director Report: Short answer and pick list questions that should appear on the Director Report will be included on the bottom of the report regardless of the role they are assigned to.
  5. Add Pick List options, if applicable.

  6. Add a Question Tip if applicable.
  7. Set the desired order.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Set up the survey normally. 
  10. Under the Results Access turn the feedback on for the survey in the Role Security Settings. An icon will appear under the Results Feedback.  
  11. Click the icon. This screen allows the manager to add/edit/proofread the feedback questions previously created in the steps above.  

Note: It's important to remember that after feedback is set-up, the manager will not be able to see it in the Evaluation Report in the manager portal. The feedback will only be seen in the faculty portal. If the manager would like to view the feedback function, impersonate the faculty or department administrator.

Note:The feedback function can be added after a survey has closed because it is tied to reports.

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