The Department List is located under the Setup menu.  

  • Departments can be organized by Division.
  • Managers can add/edit Department Administrators by clicking on the individual department in the list or by importing them.
  • If an individual is not showing on the list of Department Administrators, the role of Department Administrator needs to be assigned in his/her faculty record.
  • Departments cannot be deleted if they are affiliated with courses or faculty members.
  • All departments must have a unique identifier — Department Name, Short Name, or Code. The system will look for these attributes when assigning faculty members and courses on enrollment. 
  • There is no limit on the number of Department Administrators who may be attached to any given department.  
  • If someone leaves their position as an Department Administrator:
    • Click on the Department in the list
    • Uncheck the name(s)
    • Click 'Save' at the bottom. 
  • Their access to department level reports will immediately be taken away in the MyCoursEval portal. This can be verified by looking at the Survey Access Report under the Reports menu.

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