Set up the feedback questions as discussed in the article, Setting Up Feedback Questions.  The following report display options will only appear in feedback questions that are used for the Director Report:

  • Use on Director Report: Check this box for the questions to appear on the bottom of the Director Report. Director Report feedback questions will not appear on the Evaluation Report Feedback section. The role that this question is associated with is ignored on the Director report- anyone can enter responses to these questions.
    • Important Note: Any feedback questions that are checked to go on the Director Report are automatically hidden on the Evaluation Report. 
  • Hide on Director Report: Check this box if the questions should be hidden from the student’s view of the Director Report. These questions would only be seen by Teaching Site Administrators, Department Administrators and CoursEval managers.
  • Seed Director Report:  Check this box if this long answer question should initially fill the top comment box on the Director Report. If more than one long answer question is selected, all questions will be aggregated together and can be edited by the person reviewing the data.
  • Private on Evaluation Report: This option only affects feedback on the Evaluation Report. Do not check this box if the questions will be shown to assessed individuals.

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