1. Identify the course(s) of the students who will be doing the peer assessment.
  2. Add the questions in the Question Manager for the survey. All questions must be set as people based in order for the correct options to appear.
  3. Add a new rotation survey. 
  4. Choose Students will assess other Students in the assessment focus drop down.
  5. Create the survey.
  6. Click on the survey name.
  7. Choose the option Participants and those being assessed will be organized by Small Group for each Block. This will allow the splitting up of participants into as many groups as needed.
  8. Choose the option I want to allow participants to choose the people with whom they worked. This will allow the students to pick the peers that they worked with from withing the group.
  9. Save.
  10. Go to select blocks and set the availability dates.
  11. If a block or site was not added to the course, the system will assign the system default labels.
  12. Go to the Detailed Settings and click on Selected Participants (e.g. 3/3). Choose the correct students and press save. Repeat this step for each group.
  13. Preview the survey.