This article only applies to on-premise installations of CoursEval.

Inadequate Folder Rights

Make sure the rights are set properly for the \etalus\web\dl folder. If the IIS users and NETWORK SERVICE account have limited rights there will be issues generating the reports. This PDF Generation process requires rights to perform this process:

  • Save HTML file for the report (IIS users)
  • Call the program to generate the PDF (NETWORK SERVICE)
  • Save the PDF to the new folder (NETWORK SERVICE)
  • Delete the HTML file (NETWORK SERVICE)

CoursEval sets up the dl folder to inherit from the web folder which inherits from the etalus folder so the IIS and NETWORK SERVICE machine users can perform the process.

After changing rights, reset IIS to ensure the worker processes are starting fresh with no artifacts from the previous configuration.

PDF Generator Program Install Problem

Double check that the \etalus\WKHTMLTOPDF.EXE file can be executed. Double-click on it to receive a usage summary. When working, a DOS window will pop-up, instructions will be displayed, and the window will close (this happens very quickly). To read the output, first open a command window, navigate to the \etalus folder, then type in the executable name.

If the program cannot be executed, contact CoursEval support or attempt to re-install the program.

Mime Type for PDF Not Allowed

This is likely not going to be the case. But, double check it to rule it out:

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