• Contact Name – Enter the name of the person who will be responsible for managing surveys and responding to faculty and student questions. This is usually the CoursEval Manager or the survey manager.  The Contact Name and the Contact Email Address entered next will appear in various places on the Survey Site.
  • Contact E-mail – Evaluation participants and faculty members will send questions or comments to this address.
  • Test Mode Log In – Allows the CoursEval Manager to log in at the student level survey site and try out the surveys.  The default user name and password is 'test.'
  • Default for Rotation Auto-check – Allows the CoursEval Manager to set a default to automatically check all assessed individuals on ALL Rotation Surveys. (Overall questions will always auto-check by default). By default, individuals are not checked to be assessed for rotation surveys. This option is used to change this default behavior when a new survey is created.

NOTE: There is a survey-level option (also available on Rotation Survey Templates) to auto-check all assessed individuals, if the auto check on all rotation surveys is needed and not set in the Survey Site Set Up.

  • Statistical Precision  – allows the CoursEval Manager to choose how many decimal places for the Mean and Group Median will be displayed on all reports.
  • Survey Reopen Max - Select the maximum allowable days that a survey can be closed before reopening it. For example, after 60 days, do not allow surveys to be reopened.

NOTE: These settings can be copied to all the databases in the CoursEval instance if needed.

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