Question Manager Hierarchy Components:

  1. Catalog(s)
  2. Categories 
  3. Sub-Categories 
  4. Questions

The Question Catalog is used to organize Questions on a high level, by the subject or usage. For example, the catalog named 'University Wide' would contain the universal questions that apply to all course/faculty-based surveys. The catalog organizes the Question Categories to make them easier to find when creating a survey or template. The catalog name is only seen by the Course Evaluations Manager.

Here are other examples of catalogs:

Adding a Question Catalog

  • Click the Survey Menu
  • Go to the Question Manager
  • Click Question Catalogs
  • Click Add New
  • Enter the Catalog Name, Description, and check the box if it should be Shared with all databases, if needed
  • Click Save

NOTE: To edit a catalog, just click on the name in the list.

Video - Question Manager Catalog

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