Question Manager Hierarchy Components:

  1. Catalog(s)
  2. Categories
  3. Sub-Categories 
  4. Questions

Question Categories are used to create a main title and container for questions.

Adding/Managing Question Categories

  • Click Add New Question Category

  • Select the associated Question Catalog from the drop-down
  • Enter the Question Category Title
  • Select the Category Focus - VERY IMPORTANT!
    • People-Based - The questions are asked for each person being evaluated (e.g. team-taught course, peer evaluations). These questions are referred to as people-focused questions since they focus on individuals.
    • Overall -  The questions are asked only once on a survey regardless of how many people are being evaluated. This type is typically used to evaluate courses or ask general questions, like on a non-course survey.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When adding new categories, make sure they are put in the correct category type (People-based or Overall.) If faculty and course questions are not separated, the surveys and reports will not display properly.

NOTE: Changing the category focus, in the Question Manager, will not negatively impact surveys where this category has already been used.

  • Enter Default Category Instructions (optional). The text entered here will appear in the category header, below the title. These are instructions to the participant about this section of questions.
  • Enter Default Assessee Selection Instructions (optional). The text entered here will appear in the category header when a survey is allowing participants to select the assessees to be evaluated prior to displaying the questions in this category. (Allowing participants to select assessees prior to viewing the associated questionnaire is an option and must be set in the Survey Display Options.) If nothing is entered into this field, generic instructions explaining the purpose of the assessee selection process will be shown.
  • Enter Default Mark all as "Not Applicable" Message (optional). If questions belonging to this Category use a Response Set which allows a Not Applicable response, this message will appear below the Sub-Category title, to the left of a link that will mark all questions in the section as Not Applicable.
  • Select if the questions will be Forced Placement at the top or bottom of the survey form.
  • Select if the questions will be Locked Status on the survey form. These options cannot be changed on the survey. If this box is checked, only Super User Managers will be able to add or edit the questions in this category. 
    • Locked categories are used to lock-down a set of questions on a survey. This forces all questions to be selected and also prevents changes to question options (required, availability on comparative reports, hide on reports).
  • Faculty Questions adds the Faculty Added Question designation to enable faculty to select questions from the category when the Faculty Added Questions features are turned ON.
  • Archive Category removes the category from future selection on surveys while keeping surveys that used the category intact. If a category is archived, all sub-categories and questions within it are considered archived.
  • Survey Filters adds the category of questions to courses labeled with a type or designation listed.
  • Click Add.

Video - Question Manager Categories

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