Question Manager Hierarchy Components:

  1. Catalog(s)
  2. Categories 
  3. Sub-Categories
  4. Questions

Sub-Categories are used to group questions within a category, typically by theme, and to provide additional subtitles on surveys. Every category must have at least one subcategory.

Adding/Managing Question Sub-Categories

  • Click the Add New Question Sub-Category icon from the list screen.

  • Select a Catalog - Main Category from the drop-down.
  • Enter the Sub-Category Name.
  • Enter any Instructions that may be needed.
  • Select the Default Order that the sub-category will appear in within the category.
  • Choose to Archive Sub-Category. This removes the sub-category from future selection on surveys while keeping surveys that used the category intact. If a sub-category is archived, all of the questions within it are archived.
  • Click Add.

Video - Question Manager Sub-Categories

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