Required Import Fields for ALL enrollment imports:

Course Number
Courses may have a Section ID.  This is an optional field if Course Sections are not being used.
Period in which the Course takes place. Must match the Period in the Course File.
This field will be used to identify people in the database. Users can use one of the following fields in this column: School ID Number, User Name, or Email Address

1. Student Enrollment Import (required)

Assigns the students to the courses for the period/term. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Course Enrollment Import should be run after a school's drop/add deadline to make sure that the most accurate student course information is being imported into the system.  

2. Faculty Enrollment (not required)

Although the course import does link courses with faculty, it only allows the assignment of one faculty per course. The enrollment import of faculty allows multiple instructors to be assigned in addition to the first instructor imported with the course.

Keep in mind that the faculty file uploads the individual person's record and the enrollment import attaches the person to the course by the role or roles they are assigned in the system. The association is the same as it was originally.  The new faculty enrollment simply allows multiple faculty members to be associated with a course. These enrollment imports are used to update the enrollment of the faculty in the course and each enrollment import is run separately from one another.

a. Responsible Faculty Enrollment

Assigns the responsible faculty to the courses they are teaching. This option would be used for team-taught courses. A responsible faculty member is the main faculty member teaching the course (e.g. course director). Responsible faculty members can have access to a participating faculty member's results, but a participating faculty cannot see the responsible faculty's results. 

b. Participating Faculty Enrollment

Assigns the participating faculty to the courses they are teaching. A participating faculty member is anyone teaching a course in a secondary fashion (e.g. preceptor). If the school does not use participating faculty on courses, then there is no need to do this import. The enrollment import can be used to update the enrollment of the faculty in the course.

c. Course Administrator Enrollment

Assigns the Course Administrator to the courses they are supervising. A role, called Course Administrator, was added as a way to handle responsible faculty/course supervisors that are not being evaluated. This role acts like the responsible faculty role EXCEPT people in this role will not appear for selection in the Detailed Settings/Question Category Settings and survey questions will never be attached to them. People in this role will have view access to all results for all course sections that they supervise, similar to a Department Administrator.

d. Teaching Assistant Enrollment

Assigns the Teaching Assistant to the courses they are teaching. Teaching assistants are not assigned to a course in the course import, so the T/A enrollment import allows a school to automatically assign them to the courses that they belong to. If the school does not use T/As on courses, then there is no need to do this import.


Enrollment - Student (required)

Enrollment - Responsible Faculty (required only if you have team-taught courses)

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