Imports allow the CoursEval Manager to quickly enter basic data into CoursEval through automated or manual imports. The import information can be gathered from any electronic source that a school may use.  Typical sources of import data are student information systems, the registrar's office, or any other database that houses course, student, and/or faculty data.

There are four standard imports run by the CoursEval Manager, which include Faculty, Students, Courses, and Enrollment.  Imports act as building blocks for the creation of surveys.  Once the faculty, students, courses, and enrollment are in the system, the CoursEval Manager can begin creating surveys and attaching the corresponding people/courses.

There are additional imports that can be run by the CoursEval Manager, if necessary. These imports can include Department, Dual Role (T/A), Participating Faculty Enrollment, Responsible Faculty Enrollment, Dual Role (T/A) Enrollment, User Created Role Enrollment, Block, Site, Course/Block, Course/Site, and Teaching Site. 

NOTE: The additional imports are not required unless the Institution or school is using them.

Video - CoursEval Imports Overview

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