The Manager Groups are used by the CoursEval Manager to create new security levels and identify the restricted program sections for each manager level user.  The levels of access that are available are:

  • No Access - which blocks access to the menu items.
  • Read Only Access - which allows a user to only view the menu items.
  • Full Access - which allows a user to make changes to records in the menu item.  

Manager Groups are useful if there is more than one person, or groups of manager level users, that may require restrictions from certain areas.  A Manager Group is used when the CoursEval Manager may have an assistant that helps maintain certain information,like students and faculty.  The security level created may be called 'Student/Faculty Data Entry,' which would restrict the user from all areas of CoursEval except for the student and faculty menus.  This would be done by selecting the access and restricted areas from the list and clicking 'Add' at the bottom of the page.  The CoursEval Manager would then add the assistant as a CoursEval Manager User and select 'Student/Faculty Data Entry' from the Security Level drop-down menu.

Manager Group List

The Manager Group List displays the security levels currently available in CoursEval for the manager level only. CoursEval recommends that manager level user access be limited to the areas of the program that a user is responsible for. The list displays the Group Name, the Number of Restricted Features, the Number of Read Only Features, the Number of Permitted Features, and if it is a Shared Group.

The Detail List provides a full display of the Group Name, the Restricted Features, the Read Only Features, the Permitted Features, and if it is a Shared Group.

Adding/Editing Manager Groups

  • To add a new Manager Group and determine the user's/users' access rights, select 'Add New' from the list screen.
  • Enter the Manager Group Name.
  • If the Group is shared across all databases (Schools) using CoursEval, check the Shared Manager Group box.
  • Select the level of Access for each feature.
  • Click 'Add.'

NOTE: To edit an option, click on the name, make the changes and click 'Save.'