IMPORTANT NOTE: Faculty members must have a role selected on their faculty record.  If there is no role selected, this screen will either come up empty or a faculty member may be missing from the list.

  • Go to the Setup menu
  • Click Courses
  • Search for the Course
  • Click the blue 'Manage Faculty' icon
  • Click 'Edit List' for the role of the faculty being added. The main instructors should be set 'Responsible Faculty.'
  • Select display filters to display all the faculty for the parameters selected or un-check all of the filters to view the entire list.

NOTE: To copy the faculty settings from one course to another, select the copy filter, pick the course from the drop-down menu and click 'Update Selection List Below.'  Using this function overrides any Display Filters that were selected.  The list will differ depending on the role that is being copied.  For example, the list may have ten courses to copy from when the user is copying responsible faculty, but may only have five courses to copy from when copying the participating faculty.  

  • Click 'Update Selection List Below.'
  • Select the faculty to associate with the course.
  • Click 'Save.'
  • Click 'OK.'
  • Click 'Back to List' to see the list screen.