The Block List is used to set up the survey availability dates for students who are surveying an internship, teaching, or rotation site.  This information can be imported by using the Block Import. Once the blocks are in CoursEval they can be linked with courses. To link a course and site use the Course Block import.

  • Select 'Add New' from the list screen.
  • Enter in a Block Code.  This is a ten character identifier for the block.  This code appears in reports.
  • Enter a Block Name.
  • Select the Assessment Start and End Dates from the drop-down menu.
  • Set the order of the block in the list.
  • Click 'Add.'

NOTEThe dates represent the times when the survey will appear for the student. The end month date does not automatically close the survey, but it does remove the survey from the student site. It is an expiration date for the survey on the student site.