Course information can be exported by clicking the 'Export Course List' link at the top right of the course list page. This export function is useful if there is a need to mass update faculty or student data.

NOTE: This export retrieves all of the course data that is in CoursEval, so there is some manipluation of the data needed, if a manager is looking for a specific assessment period or course set.

The course list export includes:

  • Course number
  • Section
  • Course name
  • Course year ( 1,2,3, or 4)
  • Assessment period
  • Department name
  • Course type
  • Course designation
  • Number of enrolled students
  • Course activity flag
  • Responsible faculty by full name
  • Blocks by name
  • Sites┬áby name
  • Institution cross list code
  • Course code
  • Course start date
  • Course end date