• Click the Select Questions icon
  • Select the question categories that contain the questions to be used on the survey
  • Click 'View Questions'

NOTE: The View Questions screen has a green check mark toggle that allows the CoursEval Manager to show/hide unchecked categories or subcategories.  This helps shorten the page, and if all categories/subcategories are unchecked, the subcategory heading and column headers remain, but the question row now disappears.

  • Select the questions to be included in the survey.  The Question Code will appear next to the question, if this option is set up in the Question Manager

NOTE: Choosing a question category does not force the CoursEval Manager into using all of the questions in that section.  The CoursEval Manager can select the needed questions from the question list.

  • Click 'Save'

Locked Questions

Site managers can lock questions onto a survey that cannot be changed or removed from a survey.   Locked categories are used to lock-down a set of questions on a survey. This forces all questions to be selected and also prevents changes to question options (required, availability on comparative reports, hide on reports). Typically these are required university wide questions that are applied to every survey created.