The Select Courses icon displays information about the courses that are associated with the program and term of the survey based on filter criteria.  This menu option is used to select the correct courses for the survey.  The Data Filters and Search Strings on this screen to help narrow down the course selection.

  • To select Courses for the survey, set the appropriate Data Filters and select the Apply Data Filters button. 
  • To look up several Courses at a time by number, name, or section use the Search Filters. Then select the Apply Search String Filter button.  
  • Data Filters and Search Filters can be combined, just select the Apply Data & Search String Filters button.
  • The selection list will bring up all of the courses that meet the filter criteria.  If no criteria are selected, all courses for the term of the survey will appear.
  • Select the courses then click the Save button to apply the courses to the survey.
  • Any Courses that have been chosen previously are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Using Display Filters

  • Select the filters needed.  The number of qualifying courses for each filter item appear in the filter items section next to the item.
  • Select the Apply Data Filters button. 
  • The filters include: 
    • Survey Program
    • Department Filter
    • Course Type
    • Course Designation
    • Year
    • Enrollment - range of the number of students
    • Single Survey - excludes courses on another survey

NOTE: To refine the selection the search option can be used.

Using Search

  • Select the 'Search Field' from the drop-down menu.   
  • Search fields include:
    • Course Number
    • Course Name
    • Section
  • Enter the search data in the box.
  • Select the Apply Search String Filter button. 

What do the buttons mean?

  • Apply Data Filters- Applies the data filters selected.  Leave all filters in the Data Filters section blank to find all Courses that apply for the selected period.
  • Apply Search String Filter- Finds all Courses that partially match the strings entered. Each string should be entered on its own line.
  • Apply Data & Search String Filters - Uses the selected filters and search strings to narrow down the list of Courses.
  • Hide Search Results - Doesn't apply a search and hides the Search Results section. This feature is useful when reviewing selected Courses.
  • Save and Apply All XXX Records - Selects all courses found in the search.

Pagination appears if there are more than 400 records for a section (course search results or previously selected courses).

NOTE: Paginated pages remember the course selections with each screen refresh unless a save is made. In that case pagination starts over, so proceed with caution.


  • If the expected Courses do not appear after filtering, check the following:
    • Does the course have at least one Responsible Faculty assigned?
    • Are there enrolled Students?
    • Does the Period of the course(s) match the period of the survey?
    • Are there conflicting filters set?

Video - Adding Courses on a Survey

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