The Detailed Settings icon  displays a detailed list of the course/section, course name, Institution code, cohort, custom questions, number of selected participants, the faculty involved in the course, the question category settings, and a survey preview.

View Option

The View Option allows the CoursEval Manager to see information about the Detailed Settings of the faculty attached to each course.

  • View Responsible Faculty - lists all the responsible faculty associated with the course and survey.
  • View Question Category Selections - lists all the faculty associated with questions on the course and survey.
  • View Both - Responsible Faculty and Question Category Selections. 
  • Hide Both - Hides the Responsible Faculty and Question Category Selections.


  • Reset Availability - Update survey availability windows (custom start and custom end) based on Course availability or relative to actual Course start/end dates. Custom windows for this survey will be overwritten (including those entered by instructors) if custom dates can be determined based on the dates found on the Courses.
  • Update Course Default Questions - Question categories will be synchronized for all Courses that have questions defined by Course Number. If questions were manually selected for the specific categories, they may be de-selected.
  • Update Department Questions - Question categories will be synchronized for all Departments that have questions defined. If questions were manually selected for the specific categories, they may be de-selected.
  • Random Participant Sampling - Select Courses for random samplings of participants.
  • Sync Participants - Synchronize Student participants on this survey to Course enrollment. Add new participants for active surveys only. Drop participants who are no longer enrolled and remove their results if they have already submitted.


  • Course Number
  • Course Name
  • Course Section
  • Last Name - last names are searched based on what is showing in the View Option.  Only visible names are searched, except when hide all is chosen.

Custom Questions Selected

Custom Questions Selected displays the number of special questions that the CoursEval Manager, Department Chair, or faculty member has added to the survey.  

To view the custom added questions:

  • Click on the number that appears. It is usually a zero.
  • A screen appears showing the survey question count by type and the questions that have already been selected.
    • Core Questions are selected by the CoursEval Manager, these questions are the standard questions that appear on every survey and appear in pink on the list.
    • Custom Questions are selected by the CoursEval Manager, these are questions that apply to only certain courses and appear in green on the list.
    • Faculty Added Questions are selected by the faculty, these are questions that apply to only the faculty and course combination and appear in blue on the list.
    • Department Chair Questions are selected by the chair, these are questions that apply only to the specific department and appear in orange on the list.

  • All of the available questions for selection are listed by category and sub-category underneath the previously selected questions.
  • Check the questions to add to the survey.
  • Select if:
    • The response is required.
    • The question should be included in the Comparative/Survey Intelligence Report.
    • The response should be hidden from others view.
  • Click 'Save.'


  • Questions that are selected as Custom will appear in the preview with the label [custom].
  • For question categories to appear in the Custom Question menu and the Faculty Selection menu, they must be set up as an 'Overall' category type.  Multiple type questions are NOT available for this option.

Selected Participants

Selected Participants displays the number of students selected to participate in the survey.   The CoursEval Manager can choose the students to participate in the survey.  This is especially useful when a student has dropped the course but has already been added to the survey, or if a student was mistakenly added to the wrong course.  The CoursEval Manager can de-select that student, and they will no longer receive a prompt to take the survey.

  • Click on the number selected/number available.  This displays the students selected to take the survey at the top of the screen and students not chosen at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select or de-select the students by checking the box next to the student's name.
  • Click 'Save.'

NOTE: If a student is added to a course after the survey is active, the CoursEval Manager must check the name in the Course-Manage Students and check the name on the selected/enrolled screen for the student to have access to the survey.

Responsible Faculty

The Responsible Faculty members are listed for each course.  This function allows the CoursEval Manager to change or edit the Responsible Faculty on a particular course and survey.  

  • Click 'Change' under the responsible faculty member's name.
  • Select the faculty to add or remove.
  • Click 'Change Faculty.'
  • Click 'Close.'
  • Reload the page in the browser.

Question Category Settings

  • Question Category Settings allows the customization of the survey question content for the course(s) shown.
  • The list shows how many total questions are assigned to the course and how many were assigned to each evaluated individual.
    • Custom course questions are excluded from the counts because they are only for one course. 
    • This feature was added to clarify the question distribution by course and faculty as well as reduce mistakes in question assignments. 
    • NOTE: The background services will update the counts on all existing (older) Survey Administrations. 
      • This update may take a few minutes or up to several hours depending on how many administrations are on your site. 
      • The counts will be updated as you add courses and make selection changes to any new administrations.
  • The Overall Settings allow the CoursEval Manager to choose the Question Categories appropriate for each course.
    • The number of questions is also displayed for each category.
  • If a survey includes questions that focus on participating faculty members, the CoursEval Manager can choose the Question Categories appropriate for each individual faculty member in the "Faculty Settings" section.  When a participating faculty member is assigned to a course, they are automatically assigned to receive any 'multiple' question categories added to the survey. Remove their names from the question category list(s) that do not apply to them in this section.
  • Choose the faculty members to evaluate by checking the box next to that faculty member's name.
  • Comments may be entered (e.g., a description of their lecture topics) for each faculty member in this section as a means of better identifying each faculty member to the students.  The comment field length is unlimited.

NOTE: Comments entered will appear beneath the faculty member's name in the appropriate section of the survey.

  • Select the "order of appearance" of the faculty members by picking a number from the drop-down menu.  This option allows the CoursEval Manager to set the order that faculty appears on surveys and is an alternative to the alphabetical ordering that occurs automatically.  This option is useful when a survey is being used to evaluate a series of lecturers that need to be presented on the survey in their order of appearance in the course.

NOTE: Ordering faculty for courses that have over 30 faculty members will have text boxes for numbering instead of a drop-down menu.

  • Click 'Save.'

Removing All Responses for a Faculty

This functionality is used if a faculty was added to a survey in error and students responded to questions about the faculty member.  The CoursEval Manager can remove all of the submitted responses for a faculty member from the survey.

  • Go to 'Question Category Settings.'
  • Find the faculty members name in the list.
  • Click 'Remove.'
  • Enter a reason for removing the response.
  • Click 'Remove.'
  • The change will not appear in CoursEval until the browser is refreshed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This option permanently removes all responses for the faculty on the survey.  


Click Preview Survey to see how this survey will actually look for each course being assessed within a survey.  These previews show exactly how the survey will look to the students.  This is where the CoursEval Manager can check for question order, question flow, understanding and logic.