The Director Report is generated from a Faculty assessing Student focused-survey.  The director report is the vehicle used to collect, organize, finalize, and distribute evaluation data with feedback for students completing an educational (e.g. clinical) rotation.  The process includes four steps:  

  • Faculty evaluate students in surveys using rankings and narratives;
  • Teaching site administrators enter additional feedback in the evaluation reports;
  • Course administrators collaborate with responsible faculty members to enter final feedback on the director report
  • The report can be released to students  

To Create a Director Report:

  • A rotation survey with the Assessment Focus of ‘Faculty will assess Students’ must be used.
  • The Director Report option must be activated on the Results Access screen for questions that should be included in the report.
  • The survey must be set up as non-anonymous.
  • The questions must be multiple type.

Who has Access to the Director Report?

The report is available on the Manager Level of CoursEval and on the Faculty/Student Portal for survey participants to answer/edit and for students to view.

What are the roles of the people involved in this process?

  • Student – Evaluated on surveys. Can view the Director Report once it is completed and has been released  for viewing.
  • Teaching Site Administrator – Can comment via feedback feature on the evaluation report describing the student’s performance at their site.
  • Responsible Faculty – Responsible for reviewing the Director Report and answering the final feedback questions at the end of the report.
  • Course Administrator – Responsible for reviewing the Director Report and answering the final feedback questions at the end of the report.
  • CoursEval Manager – supports the process with the ability to view and edit the Director Report.

The Director Report provides Department Administrators with an overview report of results for participants.  This report can be used for an overall assessment of results by a third party because it allows results to be reviewed and commented on by another person, mainly Department Administrators.  This report and review can be used for grading, reviewing self assessments, reviewing peer assessments, and wherever a "second opinion" about performance is needed.


  • A survey must be non-anonymous to create this report.
  • This report is available on the Manager Level of CoursEval and on the Faculty/Student Portal for participants with Department Administrator access.

Create the feedback questions for each role.

  • Check the long answer questions that should be used to seed the top comment area on the Director Report. This can be for any survey role and is optional.
  • Check the short answer and pick list questions that should be answered on the Director Report.
  • The survey template can be created with all of these options pre-setup to gain efficiencies in this process.

A person with any role (e.g. Teaching Site Admin) logs in, reviews the Evaluation report, and enters comments in the feedback section of the Evaluation report if they are presented to them.

  • Only those questions that match the user’s role are presented.

A person with the role of Course Admin or Responsible Faculty logs in, reviews the Director Report, and:

  • Updates/edits the comments at the top of the Director Report.
    • These will be pre-populated with all feedback comments that were entered on the Evaluation Report where the question was checked to seed the Director Report.
    • If there are no feedback comment questions marked to seed the Director Report, then this comment box will be empty initially, but still available to accept comments.
  • Proof-reads and updates or removes the evaluation comments in the second box. Removal is accomplished by entering a single dash into the comment and deleting all text.
  • Reviews and updates the mean average of the survey questions that were selected to be included on the Director Report.
  • Updates the feedback questions at the bottom of the Director Report.
    • All feedback questions checked to use on Director Report will show up at the bottom and be editable regardless of which role the questions were created for. This simplifies the setup and access and handles the variability of role assignment based on the Survey Role order.
  • Marks the Director Report as complete.
    • The CoursEval Manager has the option of setting up an email notification to a list of email addresses whenever a Director Report is completed. This setup is done on the main survey screen.

A Student logs in and reviews their completed Director Report.

  • The student will have a survey role of Assessed Individual.
  • The Assessed Individual role does not need any access setup on the Results Access screen to view the Director Report. The Survey Access report can/should show all red X’s for the students.
  • Only Director Reports that are checked as completed will be visible to the students.
  • Any Director Report feedback questions that are marked to be hidden on the Director Report are suppressed in this view.