The response set options are not only important for the survey, but they are also very important for CoursEval reports as well. This article will highlight a few response set options that tie in to the following reports. 

1. Survey Intelligence (SI) Report

  • Graph Average Values of Responses - This is very important for the SI Report. If the 'Graph Average Value of Responses' option is not selected for the response set the questions will not show on the SI report. However, you can update response sets at any time if you find that the option was set incorrectly. 

2. Evaluation and Individual Reports

  • On the Response Set List each response set has an option for 'Edit Responses'. Here you can edit the names and abbreviations for the response sets. It is highly recommend to review the abbreviations as it will impact the frequency distribution and report legend. By default, CoursEval pick the abbreviation based on the response choice option name. Sometimes there are duplicates. 
  • Graph Frequency of Responses (Show Percentage) - the number of responses for each option in the list will be shown as a percentage.
  • Graph Frequency of Responses (Show Raw Count) - the number of responses for each option in the list will be shown as a count.
    • Graphs for Percent and Raw Count- the option for Radio and Multi-Select Response sets to graph mean vs. raw counts per choice vs. percentage per choice

  • Suppress Graphs - will hide graphs.
  • Hide Advanced Stats - used to simplify how the response set is reported. The data is reported as a frequency distribution. The best use of this option is for non-mean response sets, such as demographics, voting, yes/no, etc. when a count is only needed.
    • Render Option and Unanswered Choices are used in conjunction with Hide Advanced Stats to customize how the results will look on reports


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