Are you looking to add additional questions to a survey based on 'Course Type'? If so, this article will help. These questions would be asked in addition to the core questions on a survey. This is a great way to add questions based on a number of attributes, including Online, Hybrid, Face to Face, Lab, Lecture, and more.

  • Import your Course import file and include a 'Course Type' column, with the column populated with the Course Types for courses
  • Add the questions based on Course Type to the Survey menu -> Question Manager
  • Set up the Survey Administration
  • Go to the 'Display Options' on the survey
  • Click 'Show/Hide Category Details' for the category regarding the Course Type questions
  • Select the Course Type(s) that apply to the questions

  • Click 'Save'
  • Go to the 'Detailed Settings' and preview the survey, the questions will appear at the end of the survey

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