• All existing enrollments are removed for the selected ROLE for the import if the radio for Overwrite vs. Preserve is set to Overwrite.
  • The role for the import is included in the report header and appended to the import title in the log.
  • Duplicates are removed after matching against people and courses takes place.
  • Course look-ups include the database.
  • If more than one course is found for an identifier an error is logged. This is made more likely if the section or period are not included or are empty.
  • People look-ups do not include the database.
  • People look-ups are by: SchoolId, Username, then email.
  • If more than one person is found for an identifier an error is logged.

Student and Faculty Enrollment Imports

  • The threshold for the number of people that are not in the correct primary role is checked. If the threshold is exceeded the import will fail prior to adding new records.

Student Enrollment Import

  • Standard Student role
  • Synch to surveys is performed if checkbox is checked
  • Any courses that are found to be “locked” for adding students are eliminated with errors. The status of the school lock-step setup is not considered for this business rule.
  • The count of students on each course is updated post-import for each course found in the import.

Custom student roles

  • None of the Standard student role rules are executed. This includes survey synch, error check for locked courses, and updating # students.
  • Custom student roles enable adding many students to whatever roles the customer wants without actually affecting CoursEval student enrollments.

Faculty Enrollment Import

  • Roles can be Responsible Faculty, Participating Faculty, Course Administrator, any custom faculty role.
  • No other roles are available in the manual import UI or the import folders screens.

Dual Role Enrollment Import

  • T/A role
  • Custom dual role