This article is an overview of the Survey Intelligence (SI) Reports filters. Filters are used to narrow down what data appears in the SI Report. Filters are applied to the list of surveys to chose only the surveys that match the criteria selected.

Filter items with the Add button are used to filter where any of the conditions are found. For example, if you are looking for all results for two individuals you could enter both of their last names. 

NOTE: Filter items require a minimum of three (3) characters with the exception of Blocks which require only a single character (Blocks are often defined as A, B, C, etc.).


The filters include:

  • Databases - If your school has multiple databases, the names will be listed for selection here
  • Survey Filters
    • Survey Focus
    • Survey Types
    • Survey Status
    • Survey Close Date Range
    • Survey Periods
    • Survey Name
  • Course Filters
    • Course Name
    • Course Number
    • Course Section
    • Course Type(s)
    • Course Designation(s)
    • Course Years - for lock step programs
    • Course Departments
    • Course Divisions
    • Course Programs
  • Evaluated Individual Filters
    • Username
    • Last Name
    • Survey Role
      • Responsible Faculty
      • Participating Faculty
    • Faculty Departments
    • Faculty Divisions
    • Faculty Levels
  • Rotation Filters
    • Blocks
    • Sites/Groups

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