Are you looking to create a ticket in the Campus Labs Support Portal? If so, this article will help you in this process. 

Here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Log in to CoursEval as a Manager User

  2. On the Home page, under 'Support' on the left-side, click 'Request Support'

  3. Fill in the information about your support need and then click 'Submit'
    NOTE: Be sure to leave the "With which Campus Labs product do you have a question or issue?" as 'CoursEval (AMS)'

  4. Your ticket has been submitted. Someone from our team will respond shortly

  5. Email updates will be sent when your ticket is received and when one of our support specialists reply to your ticket

    NOTE: Also, if you have a pressing item and you are not logged in to CoursEval, you can simply email and a ticket will be created.

Video - Campus Labs Support - Creating a New Ticket

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