Important Note: This option will only appear when 'people based' type questions are on the survey.

The Rotation Survey Assessee / Participant Grouping feature provides a way to assign participants to assess specific individuals. This option is selected on the Survey detail page:

Important Note:  Each participant MUST be assigned to an evaluator on the detailed settings page, or the survey will not be available to the participants.

The Assessee-Participant Grouping icon looks like an organizational chart on the Detailed Settings list.  The list shows the number of participants who have assignments. The link will turn red if any participants are lacking an assignment and turn blue when all the participants are assigned.

  • Click on the icon.
  • Select an individual to assess from the drop down (note that the number of chosen participants is in parentheses). 
  • Then, choose the people who should complete the evaluation for that person.
    • Each assessee now has a number in parentheses indicating how many participants have been assigned to evaluate them. 
    • This points out who has yet to be assigned when selecting individuals to be evaluated. 
  • Click the 'Save' icon.

The Assignment Summary shows each evaluator along with their assignments.

The participants selected page will show the number of assignments for each person on the course/survey. This will help to show if everyone has been assigned on the course/survey. The shortcut button ‘View/Set Assignments’ that will take the user directly to the assignments page.