An option will appear in Administration Details for Faculty-Peer surveys to enable this feature:

This option will select individuals when courses are added to surveys by their roles.  It will:

  • Check only Responsible Faculty as participants
  • Un-check Responsible Faculty as being evaluated

This is ideal for preceptors, guest speakers, and any experiential learning scenario where people at a site need to be evaluated by a supervisor or other responsible individual.

A few notes about this process:

  • The course must be setup with the supervisors in the Responsible Faculty Role and subordinates in either the Participating Faculty role or a custom role.
  • Peer surveys currently select all faculty users as participants and evaluated individuals. This option alters this behavior and skips synchronizing evaluated individuals, if the survey participants are changed.
  • This feature can be used in conjunction with question category role filtering and site filtering (for rotations) to narrow down exactly who needs to be evaluated.

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