Survey Intelligence (SI) reports could always be published to authenticated users in MyCoursEval. The searchable results feature provides users with a way to create custom searchable results in the MyCoursEval portal using the Survey Intelligence Design/Report builder and publishing features.

Data can now be published to MyCoursEval as a Searchable report.

MyCoursEval users will see a Search Results option in the the Reports menu option.

Users are required to enter search criteria to narrow down results (2 characters minimum).  The search criteria are based on the data included in the report.  

Search criteria is applied to ALL SI aggregation columns (e.g. course number, instructor name).

Aggregation columns and question responses are presented in a paginated grid that can be sorted and searched to get to a more granular look at the data.


  • When creating the report, managers need to make users aware of the parameters if the report.  The user may come up with no data found if the search is outside of the report parameters.
  • When creating the searchable report it is best not to include the year or assessment period.
  • Keep the report as simple as possible.